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CARB On-Road Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects Solicitation

The California Air Resources Board is pleased to announce its Grant Solicitation for the On-Road Advanced Technology Demonstrations Project. The opportunity was approved by the Board as part of the FY 2016-17 Funding Plan for Low Carbon Transportation and Fuels Investments and the AQIP. Up to $17 million is available for this project and will provide greenhouse gas (GHG), criteria pollutant, and toxic air contaminant emission reduction benefits to disadvantaged communities. Along with the separate Off-Road Advanced Technology Demonstration Project, it is part of a $34 million allocation for advanced technology freight demonstrations. Solicitations for each FY 2016-17 demonstration project will be released separately.

Projects funded under this solicitation will demonstrate pre-commercial Intelligent Transportation Systems and Connected Trucks, Advanced Engines and Powertrains, and Zero-Emission Short and Regional Haul Trucks. Eligible vehicle types will be limited to Class 7 and Class 8 (GVWR >26,000 lbs.) on-road heavy heavy-duty trucks focused on freight activities. California-based public agencies such as air districts, ports, and local government entities or agencies as well as California-based non-profit organizations with expertise implementing large scale advanced technology demonstration projects and the requisite knowledge of advanced technology truck operations may apply.

Applications are due to CARB by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 16, 2017.