Agriculture Worker Vanpools in San Joaquin

Provides affordable and reliable transportation for agricultural workers in disadvantaged and low-income communities. The project uses clean technology vehicles to get agriculture workers to their job sites, and reduces the number of single-occupancy cars on the road, improving air quality.

  • This program has received $10.7 million

  • $6.0 million has been implemented

Who can access funds?

The California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) was selected as the administrator in 2017 through a competitive solicitation process.

Project story

Anticipated Timelines

Fall 2019 through Winter 2020: Manufacturing and delivery of 111 new project vans and ongoing deployment of 154 existing vans

Spring 2020:  Deployment of about 265 hybrid vans for agricultural vanpools statewide

agriculture worker vanpools in san joaquin, california climate investments. 2018 outcomes, $6.0 million implemented. image depicts a graphic of 2018 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.

The current $6 million project has deployed 154 15‑passenger hybrid vans. Approximately 70 percent of the fleet serves agricultural workers in the San Joaquin Valley, with remaining vans serving workers in the Coachella and Salinas Valleys, Santa Maria, and other disadvantaged and low-income agricultural areas statewide. This project will reduce vehicle miles traveled by 56 million miles, based on 13 riders per van.

CalVans was awarded a $4.7 million expansion in 2019 for 111 additional hybrid vans to serve agricultural workers living in low‑income and disadvantaged areas statewide. Vans will deploy for the spring 2020 harvest season.

CalVans uses several outreach methods, like having community outreach events in Spanish, using local radio, social media ads and videos, ads on web search engines and mobile devices, and ‘Live Chat’ on CalVans website. They use ridership surveys, vehicle telematics, and other participant feedback to estimate emission reductions and improve the program. The cloud-based “Silent Passenger” system provides real-time information on vanpool vehicles, providing the ability to schedule maintenance, track engine trouble codes, monitor speeds and track vehicle miles traveled.

agriculture worker vanpools in san joaquin, california climate investments. image depicts a white van, with orange water containers attached to the front, driving down a dirt road.