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Operating and capital assistance for transit agencies to reduce GHG emissions and improve mobility, with a priority on serving disadvantaged communities.

  • This program received $378.7 million

  • $377.2 million has been implemented

Who can access funds?

The State Controller’s Office provides a list of transportation planning agencies and transit operators that are eligible for State Transit Assistance Funds. There are nearly 200 eligible recipients throughout California.

Program factsheet (English & Español)

Project story

Anticipated Timelines

  • November 2019: Release Draft Guidelines

  • December 2019: Final Guidelines Release

  • Late January 2020: SCO Release Appropriation Amount and Eligibility List

  • Late January 2020: Open Call for Allocation Request

  • Mid-Late March 2020: Allocation Request Due

  • June 30, 2020: SCO Announces Allocation Award

Low CARBON transit operations

Low CARBON transit operations