Logo Options


Meaning of Logo & Components

Blue:  The blue color field represents the clean & clear skies of the future.
Green:  The green color field represents the foundation of the program.
White:  The white lines represent the trajectory of the combined efforts of the program, constantly growing and rising to new heights in order to solve the climate issues of the future.


The typeface is Futura, chosen for its elegance and contemporary look.

Alternate Versions

Use the full color version of the logo wherever possible. If that isn't a viable option due to color constraints, background or continuity in a larger group of logos, there is a two color version, a greyscale version, and white version available. 
Do not use the logo in full black. For one color printing, use the greyscale version.


The logo should always be situated in a clear, readable location. The logo must always have good contrast with the background to ensure maximum impact and readability.

Exclusion Zone (Clear Space)

When placing images, copy and/or multiple logos together, the exclusion zone should be no less than half of the size of the logo. 


Minimum Sizing: The logo should be no smaller than one inch. NEVER go smaller than this as it will constitute the logo unreadable.
Maximum Sizing: The logo does not have a maximum reproduction size.

Examples of What Not to Do

The California Climate investment logo should never be used in the following ways:


Logo File Formats

Files with an EPS extension should be used for printed materials.
Files with a PNG extension should be used for screen viewing.