Natural Resources Agency Announces Awards for the Urban Greening Grant Program

SACRAMENTO – The California Natural Resources Agency today announced $24.7 million in funding for 20 infrastructure projects through the state’s Urban Greening program. Funded by Cap-and-Trade revenues, also known as the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (California Climate Investments) , the grants support projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gases by sequestering carbon, decreasing energy consumption and reducing vehicle miles traveled.

The projects also convert built environments into green spaces that improve air quality and water quality.

“These projects enhance our urban areas by creating and expanding green spaces that are more sustainable,” California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird said. “Urban Greening projects help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat the effects of climate change while contributing to healthy and vibrant communities.”

The Natural Resources Agency evaluated 84 applications and recommended funding for 20 projects identified below. Ninety-eight percent of the funding was awarded to projects located within and benefiting priority populations such as disadvantaged and low-income communities as defined by AB 1550 of 2016.