MacArthur Park Apartments Phase B Project, LA County

This second phase of the MacArthur Park Apartments increases affordable housing and access to transit for a high density neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles.  The 82‑unit mixed use affordable housing development also includes about 7,000 square feet of retail space.

The housing development is directly above the Westlake/MacArthur Park Station, serving the Los Angeles Metro Rail’s Red and Purple lines, enhancing accessibility to the popular commuter trains that carry riders through the most heavily trafficked areas of Los Angeles including downtown, the Mid-Wilshire area, and the San Fernando Valley. As part of the project, an older pedestrian portal to the Metro will be demolished and a new one will be constructed to improve access to the subway station platform and provide a more efficient link to bus and commuter parking options along Westlake Avenue. The project includes an escalator that improves access from the east side of the neighborhood and shortens the pedestrian trip by two blocks, and includes a new elevator for ADA access.

The project’s design includes a central common area with children’s play space, seating, landscaping, barbecue facilities and picnic tables. The building itself, designed to meet LEED Silver rating certification, is five stories; the residential units are built above secure parking and ground floor retail space.

The project meets many of the objectives of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program, including developing affordable housing close to transit, which gives people the option to forgo driving, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  These type of developments are not only key to helping the state meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals, but they're helping families afford rent and still have enough money left over for basic necessities.

This construction phase of the mixed-use MacArthur Park Apartments will complete the development of this vital neighborhood hub, providing long term housing affordability and services for residents. The project exemplifies the AHSC mission of connecting people to vital destinations like health care, education and healthy food choices, while reducing automobile trips and encouraging transit use.

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