Organics Grants Program

Provides grants for the construction, renovation, or expansion of facilities to preprocess, digest, or compost organics into compost, soil amendments, biofuels, or bioenergy.

  • This program has received $85.6 million

  • $60.7 million has been implemented

Who can access funds?

Local governments, nonprofit organizations, for-profit entities, state and federal agencies, public universities and colleges, solid waste facilities, public school districts, and qualifying tribes.

Program factsheet (English & Español)

Anticipated Timelines

Next cycle is estimated to start Summer 2019.

organics grants program, california climate investments. image depicts a person holding a handful of dirt with a green plant on top.
Organics grants program, california climate investments. 2018 outcomes, $33.1 million. image depicts a graphic of 2018 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.