San Gabriel Valley Water and Energy Conservation Rebate Program, LA County

Smart irrigation control

Smart irrigation control

More than 1,900 households in the San Gabriel Valley are saving money, water and energy through a new rebate program supported by Cap-and-Trade dollars.

With funding from DWR’s Water-Energy Grant Program, the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District is offering rebates for water and energy-efficient appliances. To date, customers have taken advantage of rebates for 2,000 washing machines, 150 smart irrigation controllers and 20 waterless urinals, with more than half benefitting residents of disadvantaged communities.

Local residents and businesses have been able to do their part for water conservation efforts, saving from 25 to over 50 gallons of water per day through this program.

“As we continue to face water supply challenges, the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District is committed to water conservation and water-use efficiency,” said Thomas Wong, Board President of the SGVMWD. “This grant has allowed us to enhance our rebate program by providing additional funding for water and energy saving devices, such as washing machines, waterless urinals, and more efficient irrigation controllers.”

Limited to one per installation address, each rebate provides between $100 to $150 of assistance for the purchase and installation of eligible water and energy efficient appliances.

In addition to reducing residents’ water and energy bills, the overall benefits of the project include an annual water savings of 7.9 million gallons, energy savings of 5,609,767 kilowatt hours, and over 1.5 million MTCO2e of estimated GHG emission reduction.

SGVMWD also conducted extensive public outreach efforts to educate the public on various water issues and the importance for water conservation including a water education program in schools and a mascot, H2Owl. 

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