Metrolink Project, Southern California

Metrolink train

In Southern California, it's not hard to find folks "railing" against lengthy work commutes.  Sitting in traffic is not a popular pastime, so expanded and upgraded service on Metrolink is welcome news.  With these improvements, more commuters can leave their cars at home, jump on a train, and enjoy a book or plug in their electronic devices to enjoy their ride to work.

Thanks to California Climate Investments, some commute times in Southern California may have just gotten a little shorter. Cap-and-Trade proceeds are contributing $41 million toward the purchase of 20 locomotives to replace and expand service on the Metrolink commuter rail. 

These state-of-the-art “Tier 4” locomotives will reduce GHG emissions while also reducing emissions of particulate matter and nitrous oxides by up to 85 percent.  In addition to their environmental benefits, the new Tier 4 locomotives will have up to 57 percent more horsepower, allowing Metrolink to move passengers more quickly and increase service on the Antelope Valley and Ventura County lines. In fact, Metrolink is the first commuter rail agency in the country to purchase the Tier 4 trains.

This project is one of many Southern California projects funded through California Climate Investments that modernize rail and increase transit connectivity, including connectivity to High-Speed Rail. 

Other grants include: funding for the Amtrak Surfliner service to reduce trip time by up to 25 minutes and increase service frequency; funding for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority Blue, Red, and Purple lines for service and capacity improvements, as well as a new station connecting Metro’s rail system to LAX Airport; funding for Orange County Streetcar Project construction; and funding to expand San Diego Trolley Service.

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