Navdip Badhesha Farm Water Efficiency and Enhancement Project, Fresno County

Smart irrigation technology

The investment of $150,000 in Cap-and-Trade proceeds into climate-smart technology on Navdip Badhesha’s 40-acres of grapes made a big difference in water use and carbon emissions for this farmer – and for California. 

Mr. Badhesha’s farm, located in a disadvantaged community in Fresno County, received $150,000 from the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program in 2015 allowing him to install a drip irrigation system, an energy-efficient electric well pump (to replace an existing inefficient diesel-powered pump), a 30-kilowatt solar array, and tools to improve irrigation water distribution and management. 

These tools included soil moisture sensors, a flow meter, and the use of weather data which made it possible for Mr. Badhesha to schedule irrigation water use in response to the specific needs of his grapevines.

The new irrigation system and irrigation management tools save almost 25 million gallons of water a year – enough water for about 150 households -- compared to the flood irrigation system that was his previous method of irrigation.

Together, the improvements – converting to electricity, the installation of the solar power, and the reduction in water use – deliver a reduction of 57 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per acre every year, for his 40-acre holding.

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