High Speed Rail, california climate investments. 2019 outcomes, $624.7 million implemented. image depicts a graphic of 2019 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.

California’s high-speed rail system will connect the mega-regions of the State. The Phase 1 system will run from San Francisco to the Los Angeles basin in under three hours at speeds capable of over 200 miles per hour. The system will eventually extend to Sacramento and San Diego, totaling 800 miles with up to 24 stations (Phase 2).

  • This program received $2,523.5 million

  • $624.7 million has been implemented

Program factsheet (English & Español)

Project story

Who can access funds?

California High Speed Rail Authority contracts with hundreds of businesses throughout the state.

Anticipated Timelines

Please check the High Speed Rail website for the latest contracting opportunities