Climate change research, california climate investments. 2019 outcomes, $18.1 million implemented. image depicts a graphic of 2019 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.

Research on reducing carbon emissions, including clean energy, adaptation, and resiliency, with an emphasis on California.

  • This program has received $34.0 million

  • $18.1 million has been implemented

Who can access funds?

Researchers (including qualified scientists, engineers, and educators) affiliated with one of the following institutions: University of California, California State University, federally-funded national laboratories located in California, private, non-profit colleges and universities located in California, and private, non-profit research organizations located in California.

Anticipated Timelines

Four Innovation Center Research Grants were awarded on December 20, 2018

Climate change research, california climate investments. image depicts a graphic that breaks down the topics funded by climate change research. topics funded are: $4 million data and tools for planning, $12.9 million natural and working lands, $5.4 million equitable energy transitions and $5.4 million land use, housing and transportation.