Projects facilitate GHG emission reductions through land use and planning to address the impacts of climate change through the development of new or amendment of existing Local Coastal Programs, which are local land use plans for the coastal zone of California.

  • This program has received $4.5 million

Local Coastal Program, california climate investments. image depicts a coastline at sunset.

Who can access funds?

Local governments in the coastal zone.

Anticipated Timelines

Applications are due by September 6, 2019 – by 5pm

A first set of grant projects are anticipated to be completed by December 2020, while a second set of grant funding will be awarded in November 2019, with grant projects to commence in March 2020 through March 2022.

For assistance or more information on the grant program, please contact:

Tamara Doan | Statewide Planning Unit | (831) 427-4863

Daniel Nathan | Statewide Planning Unit | (415) 904-5251