Transit and intercity rail capital program, california climate investments. 2019 outcomes, $338.9 million implemented. Image depicts a graphic of 2019 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.

Transformative capital improvements that are modernizing California’s intercity, commuter, and urban rail systems, bus and ferry transit systems, to significantly reduce GHG emissions, vehicle miles traveled, and congestion.

  • This program received $1,030.3 million

  • $338.9 million has been implemented

Who can access funds?

Public agencies that operate or have planning responsibility for existing or planned intercity or commuter passenger rail service, urban rail transit, or bus or ferry service.

Program factsheet (English & Español)

Project story

Anticipated Timelines

  • Release Draft 2020 Cycle 4 Guidelines: Sep. 5, 2019

  • Guidelines Workshop, Southern California Oct. 7, 2019; Northern California Oct. 8, 2019

  • Present discussion draft Guidelines to California Transportation Commission (CTC): Oct. 9-10, 2019

  • CalSTA publishes final 2020 Cycle 4 Guidelines: Oct. 11, 2019

  • Call for Projects – 2020 Cycle 4: Oct. 11, 2019

  • Optional meetings to discuss project concepts and quantification with CalSTA and Caltrans staff: Nov. 1-12, 2019

  • Project applications due to Caltrans: Jan. 9, 2019

  • CalSTA publishes summary of applications: January 2020

  • CalSTA anticipates publishing list of approved projects April 2020

  • Anticipated presentation of project list to CTC (at regular meeting):
    May 2020