Financial incentives to implement non-digester practices to reduce or avoid methane emissions, including solid separation, conversion from flush to scrape manure collection and enhanced pasture-based management practices

  • This program has received $48.0–76.0 million

  • $29.7 million has been implemented

Who can access funds?

Commercial dairy and livestock operators.

Program Factsheet

Project story

Anticipated Timelines

  • April 3, 2019: Grant applications due

  • May-August 2019: Review process

  • September 2019: Announce and award funding

Technical Assistance

alternative manure management program, california climate investments. 2018 outcomes, $29.7 million. Image depicts a graphic of 2018 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.
Alternative manure management program, california climate investments. image depicts a large machine that breaks down manure.