Technical assistance, california climate Investments. 2019 outcomes, $4.3 million implemented. image depicts a graphic of 2019 outcomes that displays funding distributions, expected benefits and total funding.

The program provides application assistance, partnership development and capacity building activities for eligible California Climate Investments applicants and is administered by the Strategic Growth Council to create more equitable opportunities by helping under-resourced applicants access funding.

  • This program has received $6.0 million

  • $4.3 million has been implemented

Who can access assistance?

California Climate Investments applicants, especially those from disadvantaged and low-income communities, through technical assistance service providers.

Program factsheet

Anticipated Timelines

Assistance for specific programs is deployed as needed.

Technical assistance graphic, strategic growth council, california climate investments. image depicts of graphic that has the question, what services are provided via technical assistance? the answer are: project scope development, partnership development, grant writing, greenhouse gas emissions analysis, application coordination, data analysis and mapping.